The #LoFi album you’ve been waiting for

@fragnum_opus has released* an entire lofi album based on Crock of Time!

Though crafted around the concept of fermentation, I think the emotional themes presented here reach out past weird food hobbies to empathize with any creative endeavor.

In Foraging for Cave Mushrooms, we begin our journey, collecting materials, resources, or even just inspiration. It is hopeful and, perhaps, naive.

Planning Alchemy begins quietly, thoughtfully, but grows in confidence—and yet there are always unknowns. An exciting adventure awaits.

We set off in Cautious Crafting, finally applying our hard-earned knowledge and resources towards an end-result that is still perhaps not clear.

In the Hall of the Sleeping Giant, we look upon the quiet casks, hushed as if in a tomb, wondering what may result from our labor.

And then… Patience. That trickster, working in mysterious ways, building simultaneously in trust and apprehension.

Destined Disaster whispers that sometimes we have to accept that not everything goes the way we hope, but that’s not always a bad thing…

But, lo, Triumph! Our hard work and patience inevitably pays off, whether the end result was intended or not, because we gained so much more than that in the process.

Or maybe I’m just projecting. Because after listening to the last track, Crock of Time, this album feels like it was made for me.

Album art by Jack Watson