Achievement Unlocked: Sticking With It

It’s been about 3 months since Crock of Time launched, and I’ve just posted the final update to the first logbook that the site launched with: Green Chili Sauce ft. Barley Koji! Be sure to visit part 3 to see the end of the process.

I will be honest, I have been struggling with motivation for both new and existing projects, mainly because it takes more effort to also produce a post on Crock of Time rather than just making things. I’ve been keeping a fermentation journal for a while now, but having to (at least try to) take decent photos of each step, minimally process each photo to look halfway decent, and also write for a (potential) audience makes each little thing into a larger production. I also have a small and not particularly photogenic kitchen, so I’ve been experimenting with a temporary backdrop and a DIY lighting setup in the basement at the Fermentation Station.

I’m hoping that this will become the new normal and I can find a groove so that it doesn’t take all evening just to blend some hot sauce! If I can get my act together and set up a more permanent studio space for photos this might get easier, but I’m not sure what that might look like yet, especially regarding process photos.

I also want to find some time to improve the site in general. I did update the photos to be zoomable and dragable, so click or tap and drag on some photos to get up close and personal. My next focus will probably be figuring out what comments will look like, so I can hopefully get some feedback on what I’m up to here.