Happy First Halloween, Crock of Time!

Pumpkin carved with the Crock of Time hourglass symbol, lit from within

Its been a very strange year for all of us, but this website is now almost 6 months old! That’s long enough for us to have completed at least one long-running fermentation logbook that the site launched with, Green Chili Sauce ft. Barley Koji! And we’re not done yet, as evidenced by the very newest, spookiest ferment so far just posted today, Spooky Pumpkin Miso.

I’m really happy with the amount of content I’ve been able to add to the site on a semi-regular basis. The @crockoftime Instagram account has just surpassed 100 followers, too! It’s a modest success, but I knew this was a niche effort going in. If you don’t follow me there or on twitter, check it out and say hello! I have a habit of posting logbooks to social media accompanied by a haiku, which I’d like to somehow incorporate into the site content eventually.

While I’ve been fairly good about logging my ferments, I still have loads of things I want to do with the site to improve the functionality, both on the front- and back-end. I also have a guide on deck about growing koji at home that I need to finish. It’s taking so long because I want to make sure it’s as fool-proof as possible, and a recent incubation of fava beans for Doubanjiang has called that into question. However, as my experience with rice in the incubator has been pretty consistent, I may forge ahead anyways.

I’ve also just found the last bottle of Tepache in the back of the fridge, so I’m going to enjoy that today as a treat for getting this far at least.