Spooky Pumpkin Miso

Ongoing Logbook
Dehydrated pumpkin puree drones into the shape of a pumpkin

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Every year we roast a pumpkin, make soup and pie and whatnot, and then I freeze the rest. And every year, when I go to put it in the freezer, I find last year’s pumpkin puree! There’s only so much pumpkin I can stand this time of year, but this time I decided to experiment with last year’s puree.

I just recently made tomato paste from my homegrown tomatoes for Shio Koji Ketchup, and I took a similar approach here. Spread the pumpkin puree out on a baking sheet set in a 200°F oven for 12 hours, stirring occasionally, until it had reduced to nearly 25% the original weight!

You know your pumpkin paste is done when you can form it back into a pumpkin.

  • 425g pumpkin paste
  • 300g koji rice
  • 72g salt (10%)

Mixed & packed into a quart jar. I used the “throw tiny balls of the paste into the jar” method to minimize air bubbles, after first sprinkling salt into the bottom.

I then covered with a thin layer of salt and packed a bag of salt on top to act as a weight. I’ll see you on Halloween next year!