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  • Jack Watson
    My partner and designer/illustrator/donut connoisseur. She did the Crock of Time logo/branding! She streams every weekend on Behance.
  • Fragnum Opus
    AKA Nick Lowers, music producer/composer & podcast audio engineer. He made a lofi Crock of Time album with music based on the “fermenter’s journey”.
  • Larder Delicatessen & Bakery
    I’ve linked directly to the blog, but if you’re in the Cleveland area you should absolutely sign up for one (or several) of Jeremy Umansky’s classes, with topics ranging from pickling to koji to charcuterie.
    An excellent resource for homebrewers looking to try making sake at home or wanting to level up their existing sake-brewing practice.
  • Food Geek
    Excellent sourdough bread resource. Check out the YouTube channel as well, he does some fabulous experiment videos where only one variable is changed to find out the best and simplest methods for making bread.
  • Wild Fermentation Blog
    While not updated frequently, Sandor Katz is practically the father of the new fermentation movement sweeping across the world.
  • Nordic Food Lab
    Sadly no longer, as it was merged into the University of Copenhagen Department of Food Science. The link above is courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.