Happy Birthday, Sourdough, Notebooks, App

Happy 3rd birthday, Crock of Time!

While this isn’t the New Years Resolution post, it’s a good point in the year to take stock of how things have been going this year.

I lamented about how I had lost my sourdough habit and wouldn’t be able to do the Sourdough Guide I’ve been wanting to do for years, but the folks in the Discord renewed my interest and I focused my efforts last month on making, photographing, and filming my sourdough recipe that I hope is more beginner-friendly than most of the expert guides I’ve seen. However, as I already said in that January post, I already knew this was going to be a tough year personally, and that prediction is bearing out. I should have more time to focus coming up soon. I’ve also decided to release the guide piecemeal, so it won’t be comprehensive when it launches initially, but the first entry will be the standard loaf using an already strong starter. A starter from scratch guide will follow.

As if things weren’t hard enough lately, my notebook order for the Founding Supporter Notebooks was lost in the mail. The replacement order is supposed to be arriving today, so stay tuned for updates about how you can get one to help support this blog and the Discord community! Not that I enjoy the hustle, but if you want to support Crock of Time on an ongoing basis, consider becoming a patron on Patreon. You get a special Discord role and access to private channels, and I have plans to add exclusive merch for patrons as well. Since I’m hand-making the supporter notebooks, existing patrons will be receiving special versions.

Lastly, I still have a desire to put what I do for a living and this effort—which revolves around logbooks and community—together to develop something people can use to help track and share their food projects. This is still merely a glimmer in my eye at the moment since I’m still taking on other freelance projects, but I think it’s important to keep focused on this as a long-term goal.

That’s all for now, happy fermenting!