Simple Sourdough Guide in the works

Hello patrons!

The first post on my Patreon page might seem a little out-of-place: it’s from 2020, and I didn’t launch my campaign until 2023. I knew I wanted to try to build something without advertising or sponsors, but I wasn’t sure how to do it then. I’m still figuring it out, of course.

That first post was about my efforts to develop a sourdough loaf during quarantine with whatever flour I could find, which was often the all purpose flour at the local Korean store. Well, I say develop, but I was rediscovering how to sourdough from several years prior, before I figured out it was a good idea to write things down. I made a lot of really dumb mistakes that you can read all about in that post.

This post is just letting you know that I am working on a new simplified sourdough bread guide this month using ingredients that you should have no problem finding at the grocery store these days. No kneading, no levain, no separate autolyze before adding salt, no vague poke test.

Here’s a little tip from the guide to hold you over: if you don’t have a see-through container for proofing your bread, you can pull off a piece of the dough and put it into a small jar like you might buy fig jam in. Keep it in the same environment as the bulk dough and it will rise at the same rate relative to its volume.