Happy Birthday, Crock of Time!

One year ago today, amidst the first wave of a global pandemic, I launched this website. It was my birthday, and, though I didn’t feel like the site was ready yet, I flipped the switch and began this journey. After all, when is anything ever “ready”? Just like any fermentation project, it could have hidden away forever in a dark corner somewhere–perhaps, getting better, perhaps festering—but who can say if it may have been forgotten there?

I’m glad I kicked it out of the nest. Since launch, I’ve published:

It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a start. Several people from all over the world on various social media networks have mentioned one of the logbooks as inspiration for their own projects! In the spirit of friendly communication and learning together, I’ve made the decision to enable comments throughout the site for all future posts (including this one). I’ll be enabling them on existing posts and logbooks as well, but it may take me a little while to get through all of them.

Moreover, I’ve learned so much along the way, due in no small part to Kojicon 2021. In fact, though the event officially ended back in March, we got to enjoy one last session yesterday due to a postponement.

I also created a YouTube channel that I’m still figuring out what to do with and an official Discord server where I often post updates about what I’m working on in real time. You can also always get in touch on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, or leave a comment below!